Extend your data analysis capacity without additional overhead 

Our Data Management Services provide a highly sophisticated and scalable approach to the challenges traditionally addressed by an Enterprise Data Management (EDM) platform. 

This service provides all the established capabilities, including Security Master, Price Master, Corporate Actions and ESG factors. It does so within robust and agile managed service tailored to your organization’s specific needs in a way unparalleled by other service providers in the industry. 

What’s included  

24/5 access to a specialist team 

Our specialist data advisors form an extension of your team, without the additional overhead. They are always available to help you make sense of complex datasets and get the insights quicker, including ESG factors. 

Clean and accurate market and reference data 

We do the time-consuming work of sourcing and cleaning market and reference data so you don’t have to. This gives you the capacity to respond quickly to new investment opportunities when they arise, without the need for additional investment.

Change requirement handling  

Change requirements can come from new regulations, data vendors or market volatility. With our Data Management Services you can cut your turnaround time for change requirements in half. This gives you more time to focus on strategic activities.   

How does SimCorp Data Management Services help you?

  • Build agile, scalable and resilient data operations 
  • Support agile business expansion 
  • Reduce operational risks while optimizing efficiency  
  • Flexible service model  
  • One source of knowledge for market and reference data across the entire organization 
  • Support teams with specialist knowledge for complex instruments and specialist data 
  • Ensure data vendor compliance and better control of related costs 
  • Better data accessibility and governance 
  • More user flexibility with standardized data models, rules and customizations  
  • Support a digital-first and cloud-based strategy
  • Drive digital innovation with automation services
  • Trusted and approved data as standard, with complete transparency and governance 
  • Access specialist knowledge for complex instruments  
  • Increased transparency and compliance  
  • More resources freed up to focus on insight generation 
  • Full visibility of new regulations complete with expert support  
  • Access specialist knowledge for complex instruments  
  • Consistent and accurate data 
  • More resources freed up to focus on insight generation 
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