We’ve created an intuitive single point of reference for all your pricing policies

Now your teams can act smarter, faster, and more informed than ever before. 


Pricing policies - simplified

  • Our SimCorp Data Management for Market Data gives you immediate visibility and full transparency of end-of-day and intraday prices, so you have everything you need to make smarter, quicker decisions at your fingertips

Efficiency, maximized

  • Automated validation of data means you’ll always have a guarantee on quality and accuracy
  • Our best-in-class intelligent pricing handling and automated prioritization means your teams will have more time to focus on what’s important with clearer, more actionable, insights

Empowered teams

  • Let your pricing teams control the pricing of each portfolio using an intuitive array of options and dashboards.
  • Enable end users to personalize their dashboards and experience to fit their needs, from risk tolerance to adding a new fund to their portfolio
We selected SimCorp because of its best-in-class data management capabilities, productized adaptors to data feeds, and seamless integration with SimCorp Dimension.”

Head of IT Demand
KAS Bank

How does SimCorp Data Management help you?

  • Reduce risk through increased automation
  • Maximize operational efficiency through automation
  • Enable growth through a flexible and scalable platform
  • Empower business end users
  • One source of knowledge for market data across the entire organization
  • Ensure data vendor compliance and better control of related costs
  • Better data accessibility and governance
  • Reduce risk with increased automation
  • Increase automation
  • Plug and play connections to data vendors and brokers
  • Handle more data with fewer resources
  • Robust and flexible quality control and price frameworks
  • Reduce dependency on IT resources
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