Date: April 11, 2024
Duration: 1 hour

While the first quarter of 2024 was marked by increased uncertainty in the future path of interest rates, this uncertainty had not affected developed markets equities with record highs and low volatility. In China, markets continued their slide while the “AI trade” led the US markets, showing signs of broadening out from The Magnificent Seven. Will Momentum once again rule the day in Q2? 

Using the Axioma Factor Risk Models, we will help portfolio, risk, hedge fund and wealth managers, along with asset owners and consultants, gear up for their quarterly reporting. We will discuss the drivers of market volatility, factor returns and other elements of equity portfolio performance. Please join us!    

The webinar will be recorded so if you can’t make the event, sign up anyway and we’ll send it to you to watch in your own time. 

Speakers and moderator

Leon Serfaty

Product Specialist

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Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan

Director, NA Sales

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