Asset Management

Why should you consider upgrading your system infrastructure? 

Asset managers face a variety of operational challenges and growth drivers that create the need for change. They are specific to each asset manager. Do you see your situation in these below examples?

Macro forces creating the need for change

You are operating in an environment with these forces:

  • Volatile market conditions which make it challenging to generate alpha and prove value for money
  • Aconstantly evolving regulatory landscape which puts the spotlight on transparency and reporting
  • The demands of new technology, large data volumes and changing customer expectations
  • A growing emphasis on corporate responsibility and sustainability

Micro forces creating the need for change

You may be facing these specific business level concerns:

  • Consolidating different business entities, or retaining autonomy from your parent organization, requiring you to have your own system in place
  • Ambitious growth plans, but your current infrastructure is limiting your ability to unlock potential revenue streams as you are unable to enter new markets or take on new mandates
  • A fragmented system landscape which is creating additional complexity and costly manual processes
  • Local regulatory changes forcing new processes which are not part of your workflow
  • Phasing out your current system or your current vendor is discontinuing support for your existing solution

A single source of truth provides peace of mind

Over the last 10 years, Ashmore has grown from a UK-centric asset manager to a global asset manager, with offices in over 10 locations. They have gone from operating 10 hours a day, five days a week, to 22 hours a day and six days a week. During this time, they have achieved 330 percent AUM growth, and one of the things that has enabled this growth is having a single source of data which they are using globally.

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The types of Asset Managers we work with. Is this you?

We have over 100 asset management clients globally of all sizes. Our solutions range from addressing specific parts of the value chain, whether that is in the front, middle or back office, through to a full front-to-back solution.

  • Small boutiques with a specific asset class focus
  • Scale players that have a need to grow while controlling cost-income ratios
  • Global asset managers operating across multiple regions and jurisdictions
  • Regional firms who want to expand their range of product offerings
  • Bank or insurance-owned asset managers who are managing both parent and third-party assets
  • Independent asset managers who have developed their own internal processes but need to pair that with market standards to facilitate growth
  • Asset managers that are part of a multi-boutique network and want to centralize or decouple investment processes
  • Asset managers part of a larger wealth management firm

Easier to maintain a fully integrated front-to-back system

Asset Management One International (formerly DIAM International) is dedicated to offering Japanese and Asian investment strategies to investors in Europe. Their existing system had been under-developed for years and lacked compliance coverage. For them, it made sense to go for a front-to-back solution instead of maintaining a large front and back office system separately. Since they have achieved 99% STP rates, adding new clients has very little to no impact on costs.

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Asset Management One

Why partner with SimCorp?

We take a personalized and partnership approach, working with you to design and implement a future-proof target operating model that is ready to support your growth ambitions.

Protect your bottom line 

  • Reduce operational costs and improve operational efficiency through our standard platforms which gives you access to market best practices, while still allowing you to add configuration on top 
  • Control cost per dollar managed as you grow, thereby improving your cost-income ratio 


Reduce manual tasks through automation 

  • Increase STP rates with standardized processes and workflows. Some of our clients have achieved near 100% STP rates
  • Free up time so that your firm can prioritize investment decision making activities


Gain One Investment Truth

  • Have access to a single view of all portfolios and investments across your organization 
  • Break down silos with real-time data flow across your front, middle and back office


Support flexible working conditions 


Be better prepared to address client needs 

  • Reduce the operational burden associated with producing frequent client reports, presentations and pitchbooks with Simcorp Coric platform
  • Leverage behavioral analytics through our Digital Portal so that you have better insights on your clients’ preferences

Greater transparency around risk

  • Flag issues at both at portfolio level with our configurable risk models, and at firm-wide level with look-through capabilities
  • Gain peace of mind that you are better protected from operational risks and unanticipated consequences


Be prepared for incoming regulation

  • Stay ahead of incoming regulation with SimCorp’s Regulatory Center of Excellence, a team of experts who continuously monitor the regulatory landscape and offer standardized solutions