Liquidity tracking and balance sheet investments

Consolidation for treasury securities including debt, derivatives, MBS, TBAs and more

Treasurers looking to reduce risk, lower costs and support institutional growth can benefit from a modernized treasury solution, that dispenses with manual process and spreadsheets, and instead relies on automation and consolidation.

Benefit from a single view of the entire book of business

Treasurers have a number of responsibilities that are crucial for the health of their organizations including: ensuring liquidity, managing risks and adapting to a shifting regulatory environment. Successful execution of these functions requires an advanced solution that can support effective monitoring, including intra-day liquidity tracking, exposure calculations and asset tracking – providing a single view of truth across the entire book of business.

Solution Paper: Treasury Management Systems

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Process all asset classes across the front, middle, and back office with one system

SimCorp solutions for treasury management help professionals to manage intraday liquidity, automate and optimize collateral management, control operational risk and costs, proactively monitor market movements, support regulatory compliance and other industry standards, and process all asset classes across the front, middle, and back office -  with one system.

Treasurers can perform mission-critical tasks including:

  • Manage intraday liquidity, leading to hard dollar savings
  • Control operational risk and costs and boost efficiency
  • Proactively monitor market movement to assess impact on P/L and risk
  • Provide support for regulatory compliance, industry standards and other controls

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