Pension Funds

Overcome your industry-specific challenges

Learn how SimCorp provides you with the technical foundations to support your investment strategy

Getting the most out of your customers’ savings

When you are entrusted with people’s future retirement, you want to ensure that your assets under management are secure. This doesn’t just require a safe investment strategy, it also necessitates a secure investment management platform.

With most pension funds focused on diversified, long-term and low risk investment strategies, you need an advanced IT platform to support you across all asset classes, communicate with your clients, provide a complete overview of your positions, and manage your risk.

Automation and integration drives growth

The automated and integrated nature of our solution supports you in several ways. Manual processes are greatly reduced; lowering costs, mitigating operational risk and ensuring growth opportunities are captured as they arise. Additionally, silos are broken down and your front office has immediate access to middle and back office metrics (and vice versa), giving you the transparency and overview you need to make the most informed investment decisions. Accurate and timely reports for clients, regulators or any other stakeholders, are automated on a real-time basis, freeing up your staff to focus on investing rather than administration.

Furthermore, SimCorp’s open architecture makes it possible for you to integrate and reconcile data with other systems, if and when needed, in order to generate consistent and accurate performance measurement, NAV calculations, and accurate reports.

What we needed was an advanced system that was capable of supporting the sophisticated program involving derivatives that forms part of our investment strategy.
Jim Keohane, President and CEO of the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP)

Reduce operational costs and improve operational efficiency

Like most pension funds, cost management is crucial in ensuring continued profitability. With a range of innovative capabilities, we help you reduce personnel requirements, eliminate manual processes and minimize exception processing, and reducing your costs per member. With an unparalleled number of standardized and automated processes, straight-through processing workflows and single database architecture at your disposal, SimCorp enables you to not only lower operational risk but also reduce operational costs.

Become a data-driven pension fund

Turn your growing quantity of data into a competitive advantage. With an investment book of record (IBOR) embedded in your solution, you will have all position data available in near real-time. Ensure correct and consistent quantification of risk across asset classes by applying the same risk models to all data. We reduce or eliminate the need for you to validate and reconcile data from disparate systems ensuring that analysis and reporting is based on the best possible foundation. With a ‘single version of truth’, our IBOR ensures that the same set of data is used in investment execution by the fund manager, compliance officer and risk manager as well as across other middle and back office functions.

Protect your investments with thorough risk management

We support you to effectively and accurately assess and report risk to all stakeholders including management, clients and authorities using industry standard key ratios. Our integrated IBOR and straight-through processing architecture helps you mitigate your market risk, counterparty risk and/or risk of non-compliance. By eliminating manual processes and ensuring decisions are based on up-to-date and accurate data, you help make all your employees ‘risk managers’. SimCorp Dimension lets you apply the same risk models to all data, enabling correct and consistent quantification of risks.

Cover all asset classes

As pension funds broaden their scope into more complex asset classes, you need a solution that can support you. The scalability and flexibility of SimCorp Dimension enables you to manage an almost unlimited number of funds, holdings, portfolios, scenarios and strategies. This allows you to accommodate new asset classes, new tax and accounting standards, reporting requirements and higher transaction volumes without a corresponding increase in costs. The comprehensive financial instrument support enables quick onboarding and expands your possibilities to trade in new instruments and asset classes, increasing your opportunities for growth.


Learn why derivatives processing capabilities were a top priority for HOOPP when selecting an investment management system.

Regulatory compliance and client reporting

Expectations on pension funds are changing, with clients and regulators demanding increased transparency and responsiveness. The need for timely reporting requires that your investment management system can handle new and complex functionality, as well as delivering large amounts of accurate and detailed reporting data. Whether reports are required for clients, regulators or any other stakeholders, our automated and integrated solution seamlessly provides reports on a real-time basis, freeing up your staff to focus on alpha generation, instead of administration.

Entering new markets

As a pension fund investing across national borders, globalization is a vital element that you need to prioritize. Whether you enter new markets via partnerships, acquisitions, a local office, or run things from headquarters, we can support you.