Sovereign Wealth Funds

Overcome your industry-specific challenges

Learn how SimCorp provides you with the technical foundations to support your investment strategy

Securing your national savings for future generations

With most sovereign wealth funds having investment strategies with longer horizons and often involving countercyclical investments, you need a robust and flexible investment management system.

Be prepared to tackle increased regulatory requirements, rigorous governance standards and a low interest/low yield investment climate on top of falling oil prices and a move towards alternatives. With a growing trend towards insourcing your investment management, your global scope and importance for future generations, our integrated system supports you.

Support future generations by managing your risk

When managing funds on behalf of future generations, risk management is a vital element. Our investment book of record (IBOR) and straight-through processing architecture helps you mitigate operational risk by eliminating manual processes and making investment decisions based on up-to-date and accurate data.

Our IBOR is integrated throughout our system, ensuring you have all position data available across asset classes so that you can apply the same risk models to all data, enabling correct and consistent quantification of risks. In addition, the IBOR gives you a ‘single version of truth’, ensuring that the same set of data is used in investment execution by your portfolio managers as by your compliance officers and risk managers. With the same set of data used throughout your organization, you minimize the risk of investment decisions based on incorrect information.

By aligning ourselves with a best in class system, our clients now benefit from one of the most robust decision making platforms in the investment world, and we leverage that data to earn the best risk-adjusted returns on their behalf.
Michael Baker, Senior Vice President, Investment Operations, AIMCo

Insource your investment decision making

Traditionally, you may have partnered with institutional asset managers to handle various elements in the investment management value chain. Today, there is a growing trend of insourcing more and more of the investment management process. Whatever your preferred method is, our integrated solution provides you with front-to-back support without the hassle of lots of disparate systems.

Cost management is not only a necessity, but also plays a crucial role in ensuring continued profitability. We support you with a range of innovative capabilities that, among other things, reduces personnel requirements, eliminates manual processes and minimizes exception processing. With an unparalleled number of standardized and automated processes, straight-through processing workflows and single database architecture at your disposal, SimCorp helps you lower operational risk and reduce operational costs.

Alternative investments and the long term play

With a higher tolerance for risk and illiquid investments than your institutional asset management counterparts, you need to be able to support alternative investments such as private equity, direct investments, real estate and infrastructure.

Our system supports a virtually limitless number of asset classes including exotic and complex instruments, and you have real-time access to all position data across asset classes. Our fully integrated solution provides you with the infrastructure platform to support your strategic growth objectives.

Seamlessly enter new markets around the world

As a sovereign wealth fund investing outside your own national borders, globalization is a vital element that you need to prioritize. Whether you enter new markets via partnerships, acquisitions, setting up a local office, or running things from headquarters, we can support you.

SimCorp Dimension’s scalability and flexibility enables you to manage an almost unlimited number of holdings, portfolios, scenarios and strategies across multiple geographies. You can accommodate new asset types, new tax and accounting standards, reporting requirements and higher transaction volumes without a corresponding increase in costs. Our focus on extensive localization and support for local regulatory requirements minimizes your time to market.

Comply with international regulation

With SimCorp Dimension you are assured comprehensive support for international, regional and local regulatory requirements to secure compliance and the flexibility to meet any reporting requirements. In addition, you can easily accommodate new tax regulations or changes thanks to a clearly segregated tax regulation structure, and you can accommodate an unlimited number of tax regulations per portfolio. Furthermore, our open architecture makes it possible for you to integrate and reconcile data with other systems, if and when needed, in order to achieve consistent and accurate performance measurement and generate accurate reports.