SimCorp Leaders

USD 13 trillion under one roof in Copenhagen – here is my takeaway …

Last week my colleagues and I had the pleasure of hosting more than 150 of the world’s leading asset managers at SimCorp’s annual user meeting, IUCM 2015, in Copenhagen.

For me, one of the key takeaways from the event was how the asset owners and asset managers are increasingly thinking global in how they operate. In the current environment of low interest rates and a stock market that is close to all-time high, it is no longer enough to only be local. The hunt for more global strategies and alternative assets is on and it is pushing companies into becoming more global in their operations.

The globalization increases the complexity of operations as for instance risk and performance needs to be calculated across markets, plus there is regulation to comply with in all markets.

During the discussions at last week’s event, it became clear that asset owners and managers need global processes and global, integrated systems with a so-called Investment Book of Records at the heart in order to have the best possible outset for running their business efficiently when operating across borders.

This post was originally published as a LinkedIn Pulse article.