The 7 best reports and articles from 2016

Every year, a swath of white papers, reports and in-depth articles are produced on the investment management industry. In case you missed some of them, here are some of the best.

1: Integrated Innovation: The Key to Sustainable Growth, Global ETF Survey 2016, EY

As the exchange-traded fund (ETF) industry continues to extend its impressive track record of expansion, this report looks at three of the emerging strategic themes of particular importance, namely, product development, market entry, and digital distribution – and how innovation underpins each of these.

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2: Wealth and Asset Management 2021 - Preparing for Transformative Change, Roubini ThoughtLab

With 2021 as a backdrop, the authors look at how the convergence of technology, economic and demographic trends will unlock immense capital across a diverse range of investors. The study reveals that wealth companies will transform their strategies, products, and business models to become fully integrated and digitally driven businesses by 2021.

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3: The Future of Asset Management, Robeco

It’s nice to see an asset manager taking the time to step back from their own industry and look at key trends. In this white paper, the authors look at how regulatory and demographic trends have already transformed the investment management industry, and how the role of technology is only increasing.

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4: The Asset Owners Awaken: A Sleeping Giant Demands a Technology Upgrade, CELENT

As insourcing of asset management tasks increases among asset owners, this is a particularly timely report. Two of the key research questions the author seeks to cover are: What technology and applications can meet asset owner’s increasing needs? And, how can they move to the digital age? Public pension funds, insurers and sovereign wealth funds will find some relevant information in here.

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5: The Top 10 drivers Impacting Global Wealth and Asset Management, EY

Short and to-the-point, this report looks at some of the key disruptions we can expect, and looks at whether they are threats or opportunities. A sneak peak of the ten drivers? Liquidity risk, long-termism,cybersecurity, and focus on client experience are in the mix. Read the report to discover the other key drivers.

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6: Investment Management Industry Outlook - Capitalizing on Three Disruptive Forces, Deloitte

This report zeroes in on three disruptive trends, including, the triumph of technology, the seismic shift of global wealth, and the reign of risk management.

The report is based on first-hand experience of some of Deloitte’s leading practitioners, and supplemented by original research from the Deloitte Center for Financial Services.

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7: The Rise of the Buy Side, Bloomberg

This expansive article looks at the gradual shift of power away from Wall Street (and the sell side), towards more humble cities across America hosting asset managers (the buy side). Authors Alistair Marsh and Sridhar Natarajan take the reader on a personalized story to describe the shifting balance of power.

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