A tale of true partnership

Last year, we partnered with the investment technology platform provider, Jacobi, integrating the Axioma Portfolio Optimizer and factor risk models into their highly visual, end-to-end workflow platform for equity and multi-asset investment managers and wealth managers. A truly joint solution, users of the platform benefit from our decision intelligence tools in a crisp, intuitive interface for more streamlined workflows and dynamic client and stakeholder engagement.   

Our Head of Commercial Partnerships, Courtney Scharff, sat down with Tanya Bartolini, Co-Founder of Jacobi and the head of the Axioma Wealth Management business, Chris Canova, to discuss the partnership, trends in investment management technology and the challenges that the offering solves for. 

To request a complimentary demo of the joint solution, contact [email protected].


About the Axioma x Jacobi solution


The drivers of change in the wealth management industry


On the competition


The practical applications: Running what if scenarios on the fly