An inside look at front office IT buying challenges

The real roadblocks to achieving operational efficiency

We drill into the “Follow the Money” survey to see what market drivers are affecting front office IT decisions and offer practical next steps.

In their 2017 “Follow the Money” survey, Adox Research asked over 100 investment management technology buyers about their IT priorities and budgets. Here’s what they found:

  • Almost 66% planned to invest in IT in the next 3 years
  • 54% planned to increase spending on Order Management Systems (OMS)
  • 67% planned to increase spending on Portfolio Management and Risk Systems (PM&R)

See more survey results in our "Follow the Money” webinar hosted with Adox Research.Image of PDF

Yet, the reality is that overall automation levels are still on the low end. What are the real roadblocks to achieving operational efficiency?

This new white paper drills into the operational challenges and offers practical advice for developing a technology buying strategy.

It also includes an interview with Belfius Bank Senior Product Manager Jo De Mil. His candid thoughts shed light on what front office managers expect from their technology infrastructure.

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