Direct insights from 100 Heads of North American buy side operations

Information you need to create a competitive advantage for your organization

Learn what 100 heads of North American buy-side investment operations say are their strategic priorities, challenges and key initiatives for 2018.

Investment managers know that what happens in one part of the world can ripple across the entire globe.

SimCorp wanted to get better insights into the North American buy side, so we commissioned InvestOps to speak to 100 heads of operations across North American asset management, insurance and pension fund organizations.

Topics ranged from the challenges of supporting front office staff to strategic initiatives for lowering operating costs and profitability amid margin pressures.

Get these key insights from North America to help create change in your organization:

  • The top strategic priorities for 2018
  • The most challenging and expensive asset classes to support
  • How buy side organizations are reducing costs
  • New tactics to remain competitive
InvestOps report

About InvestOps

InvestOps is the biggest gathering of buy side heads of investment operations in the US.

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Coming soon

For insights on European buy side operations, look for the 2018 InvestOps European survey report in Q2.

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