Unfinished Business: Reversing the decline of trade lifecycle automation

The true impact of low trade lifecycle automation

This report examines the causes of low trade life cycle automation and its impact on operating costs, efficiency and customer experience.

Many in the asset management industry assume there’s a high-level of trade processing automation. However, a recent survey from Adox Research uncovered a clearly different picture.

For example, one in four firms report automation levels as “Low Medium” and 46% of asset managers surveyed say they use between 6-20 separate trading databases.

In this report you’ll learn the causes of this discrepancy and its impact on operating costs, efficiency and customer experience.

Get this report to discover:

  • Why managers are NOT spending on better trading automation
  • How poor inbound trade data impacts firms’ ability to grow and diversify
  • The link between higher automation levels and increased share of wallet

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