Episode three

MiFID II through a front office lens

MiFID II has dominated the regulatory landscape in asset management for the past 12 months. Much of the dialogue has focused on the lack of clarity firms felt they had received from the regulator on what MiFID II compliance should look like.

The impact of compliance for the front office in particular and the subsequent role software vendors could play in minimizing the impact, while satisfying the objectives, generated a lot of attention. In this episode, we talk with Gernot Schmidt, our in-house MiFID II expert and regulatory product manager.

This podcast seeks answers to questions like:

  • What role within front office was impacted the most by MiFID II?
  • Does the front office operation now have a clearer picture of what the structure looks like, in practice, in a post-MiFID II world?
  • Is front office compliance in good shape now, or are there more changes and clarifications to be made?
Image of Gernot Schmidt 

Gernot Schmidt
Product Manager Regulation, SimCorp

Gernot Schmidt joined SimCorp in 2004 and gained broad product and client knowledge from presales roles in Germany, UK, and North America. In 2015 Gernot moved into a role as product manager covering all product impact areas of major financial regulations, including MiFID II, GDPR, and SFTR. He holds a degree in Physics from the University of Technology in Dresden, Germany.

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