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System Consolidation:
Empowering the Asset Manager
of the Future

Gain more control over your investments with fewer systems

The investment management industry is getting more complex. Yet many investment managers still operate in a patchwork of disconnected IT systems. Learn how fewer, more integrated systems are helping firms gain more control over investments.

System consolidation is top of mind for firms that want to effectively compete in today’s environment.

Listen to this webinar to hear the benefits of fewer platforms from both technology consultants Alpha FMC and SimCorp client Swiss Life Asset Managers.

During the session, you’ll hear examples of how to apply a consolidated approach systematically, without breaking the budget or adding risk. Plus, you’ll see case studies of asset managers who replaced several PMS and OMS systems with a global enterprise solution.  

During this webinar, you’ll hear:

  • The key considerations of “next gen” enterprise systems  
  • Actual case studies of global IT platform overhauls
  • What to do before jumping into RFI/RFP mode


Greg Faragher

Greg Faragher-Thomas, Director, Alpha FMC
Greg is a Director at Alpha, and is an experienced technology subject matter expert and industry professional. Prior to joining Alpha, Greg worked at Charles River Development, Bluebay Asset Management and JPMorgan Asset Management. Greg has over 15 years of experience in the asset management front office environment, operational change and strategic design areas. Greg is also a subject matter expert and industry authority in technology solutions with experience in leading large-scale change programs across all asset classes for top-tier and boutique investment managers.

Fiorina Stutz

Fiorina Stutz, Head of Business Analysis, Swiss Life Asset Managers
Fiorina joined Swiss Life Asset Managers in November 2008, as an implementation specialist on SimCorp Dimension. Today she is the Head of Business Analysis. Before joining Swiss Life Asset Managers, Fiorina has worked as a project manager in the private banking industry for 15 years.

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