Insight into front office technology priorities

Building on Adox Research’s "Follow the money" survey report, this exclusive webinar provides insight into front office technology budgeting and spending priorities for 2017 and offers the opportunity to hear about the best practices SimCorp clients are introducing.

New market and regulatory requirements have driven massive changes to technology requirements. How does a decision-maker determine what their optimal technology strategy and purchases should be?

Adox Research* "Follow the money" survey report provides insight on buy-side firms budgeting and spending priorities regarding investment management technologies. This webinar focuses on the front office domain report results and provides practical information and guidance, using recent client examples to offer actionable advice as firms move forward with optimizing their front office technology purchases and decisions.

Watch the webinar recording and get insight into:

  • front office technology budgeting and spending trends for 2017
  • adoption trends in purchasing front-office technology
  • best practices adopted by SimCorp clients 

*Adox Research is a specialized and independent research company helping banks, custodians, asset managers, and solution providers with expert technology research, advice and marketing.


Gert Raeves

Gert Raeves is the founder and lead Research Director at Adox Research. With over 20 years of experience in banking, asset management and technology at firms including JP Morgan, SWIFT, CheckFree, GoldenSource, and CEB TowerGroup, he covers strategic issues facing buy-side and sell-side firms globally and advises clients on strategy, regulation, technology and product development. Adox Research is reinventing technology research, advice and marketing for banks, asset managers and solution providers. Our unique data and analysis equips our clients with the tools to grow insights into opportunities and enhanced performance.

 Terry Flynn 

Terry Flynn

Terry is a senior member of the North American SimCorp sales team advising large investment managers in transforming their businesses from multiple disparate systems to an integrated front, middle and back office operating model. He has held a variety of senior sales roles with organizations such as Charles River, SunGard and Fidessa, and has extensive expertise is the front office. Terry has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley.

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