IBOR + Front Office

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Ensure informed investment decisions in your front office

Watch the webinar to learn how an investment book of record (IBOR) can contribute to your investment decision-making and performance in the front office.

Delivering one single source of truth, the IBOR is the only tool offering accurate and real-time data to your front office for informed investment decision-making. The webinar panel discusses how a state-of-the-art IBOR helps investment managers improve their investment performance and avoid making wrong decisions based on inaccurate data.

The panel, featuring Arnold Wachs, Managing Director at Cutter Associates, and Brent Rossum, Domain Manager for the Front Office at SimCorp, discuss the importance of having:

Check mark icon The right data, when and where your front office needs it

Check mark icon Accurate and real-time data for positions, cash, validations, collateral and more

Check mark icon Risk/performance/collateral data and analytics embedded directly in the front office

Check mark icon Comprehensive asset-class support

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