Risk and Performance Analytics

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Improve investment decisions with fast, efficient and automated workflows

The life of a portfolio manager is often fraught by multiple systems, Excel sheets and frequent manual manipulations in order to gain an up-to-date 360 degree view of investments. This should not be the case.

A modern front office provides clean and real-time data, an instant overview of the impacts of investment decisions, and automated workflows for all asset classes and geographies. Watch this webinar recording and learn more about the potential benefits to your portfolio managers of:

Check mark icon Using the dashboard of performance and full range of risk ratios for an immediate overview

Check mark icon Receiving updates to all numbers intra-day

Check mark icon Drilling down to the underlying data

Check mark icon Performing what-if analysis and executing pre- and post-trade compliance checks

Check mark icon Sending orders to the trading desk

Check mark icon Monitoring orders as they are executed

Survey results from the webinar

During this live webinar, we held a survey of participants, finding that:

  • 76% of portfolio managers claim that they do not have the ability today to see the full range of risk figures and performance numbers for their total portfolio in one place and act upon them from there.
  • An overwhelming 89% of portfolio managers surveyed cannot see on-demand performance and risk figures based on the latest positions and market data intra-day.
  • Less than half can drill down to the underlying prices, security master, and transactions for their positions.
  • Only 39% can easily perform pre- and post-trade compliance checks on risk figures for their total portfolio.
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