Improving trading performance


Improving trading performance through single front-to-back-office platforms

Buy-side firms are measured on one thing above all others: the quality of their investment decisions. But once those decisions are made, they need to ensure that they are managed transparently and efficiently across all business processes from the front to the back office.

Discrete, best-of-breed tools, while desirable in some instances, rarely provide buy-side firms with the necessary levels of interoperability, integration, scalability and functionality associated with the industry’s leading front-to-back-office platforms.

This challenge is further exacerbated when data is added to the mix. Portfolio managers and traders require clean, transparent, reliable data multiple times a day in order to improve their trading performance through more judicious investment decisions.

Watch the webinar now to hear a panel of professionals from UBS Asset Management, Ernst & Young LLP and SimCorp discuss:

  • To what extent are buy-side firms currently hamstrung by fragmented front-office platforms, and what are the options available to them to remedy this situation?
  • How do buy-side firms make the business case for implementing single front-to-back-office platforms that have the ability to support every aspect of their day-to-day operations?
  • To what extent does data impact portfolio managers’ and traders’ abilities to make the most judicious investment decisions?
  • To what extent do fragmented technology stacks negatively impact buy-side firms’ search for alpha? How can this situation be remedied?


Victor Anderson

Victor Anderson,
Editor in Chief, Waters Technology


Todd Healy
Todd Healy,
Executive Director, UBS Asset Management

Samer M. Ojjeh,
Principal, Financial Services - Asset Management, Ernst & Young LLP

Terry Flynn,
SimCorp Front Office Product Expert, SimCorp

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