Simplify for Easier Alpha


The easier way to generate alpha

The investment management industry is facing significant challenges. Every year we see increased levels of regulation, reporting requirements and new asset classes.

It isn’t easy to keep up with all this change and complexity. There are a lot of investment management systems that claim to help, but most don’t support all asset classes, multiple currencies or multiple accounting standards. When you’re ready to start investing in something that can help generate alpha – you need a system that can remove the obstacles.

In this 45-minute webinar SimCorp product manager Jenny Ravenscroft demonstrates how to overcome the obstacles to alpha generation:

  • Make compliance checks a non-issue
  • Use an IBOR for reliable and fast positions or cash projections
  • Reduce trade errors
  • Make the most of the “golden hour” before the markets open
  • Gather your risk and performance metrics in one place
Jenny Ravenscroft

Jenny Ravenscroft
SimCorp Product Manager

Jenny is a Product Manager for SimCorp North America, where she is part of the team responsible for driving innovation for SimCorp’s solutions. With over 15 years of experience at SimCorp, Jenny is an expert in automation for front-to-back office processes and is also well versed in the fixed income and derivatives space. Her experience with both the development and business side of the industry has forged a deep-rooted knowledge of SimCorp Dimension. Before joining SimCorp, Jenny worked as an interest rate quantitative analyst at Nordea Markets, publishing trading strategies and developing tools for traders.

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