Digital InvestOps Keynote

How to boost revenue growth and improve client relationships through digital client engagement

Learn how to leverage digital client engagement, boost revenue growth and improve client relationships with SimCorp Coric.

Duration: 25 minutes  

With heightened conditions continuing to shock investor confidence, many asset managers and service providers are struggling to meet client demand for real-time reporting, as well as more frequent and granular communications.  

Watch this webinar and get practical insights on how digital engagement can help drive alpha and improve your client relationships. 

You will learn about:  

      •    The value of digital engagement in delivering a compelling CX  
      •    Why the right technology is key to enabling your success  
      •    How to interpret the results in digital client engagement 
      •    Using behavioral analytics to identify client needs


Sarah Prior 

Sarah Prior
Global Client Communications,Go-To-Market Strategist, SimCorp

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Ian Rees

Ian Rees
Product Manager, Client Communications, SimCorp 

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