2021 Trends and Priorities

Guiding clients in transformative times

Executive leadership from SimCorp joined Cutter Associates to share their perspectives on how they are helping clients navigate challenges and innovate for the future.

2020 has been a different and challenging year for investment managers. The coronavirus pandemic has pushed people, processes, and technology to the limit as firms have had to grapple with market volatility, more granular reporting requirements and adapting to remote working. But what lessons have we learned, and what are the key themes to prioritize in 2021 and beyond?

Members of SimCorp’s executive leadership team joined Cutter Associates at their virtual meetings in November 2020, where members met to discuss the latest developments in buy-side investment operations and technology. SimCorp participated in two sessions, sharing expert insights on how to navigate change, trends for 2021, and why firms that continue to embrace technological innovation will come out on top. Find out more by watching the videos below.


Executive interview: 2021 trends and priorities

In this executive interview, James Corrigan, Managing Director and Executive Vice President of SimCorp North America, shares some of his key learnings from 2020 and how those perspectives are shaping SimCorp’s view and expectations for 2021 and beyond.

  • The importance of one investment truth for portfolio management resilience
  • Optimizing client communications in volatile markets
  • Turning data management from a cost center into a strategic advantage
  • Embedding ESG into the investment operations value chain
  • Leveraging APIs and the Cloud to maximize platform openness and interoperability


James Corrigan 
Managing Director & Executive Vice President, SimCorp North America

Connect with James

John Chandler 
Senior Research Analyst, Cutter Associates

Connect with John


Panel discussion: Guiding clients in transformative times

In this panel discussion, Terry Flynn, Vice President of Sales, SimCorp North America, joins other senior executives to discuss strategies for helping clients navigate challenges and innovate for the future.

  • The impact of COVID-19 on core operating approaches and strategic planning efforts
  • Why an increasing number of asset managers are prioritizing front-to-back system consolidation.
  • The key trends and challenges facing asset managers in 2021


Terry Flynn 
Vice President of Sales, SimCorp North America

Connect with Terry

Brian Crowley 
Managing Director & General Manager, Broadridge Investment Management Solutions

Connect with Brian

Daniel Eriksson
Vice President of Product Management, SS&C Advent

Connect with Daniel

Michael Conn
Business Development, Cutter Associates

Connect with Michael

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