Cross-selling with client reporting

On Demand Webinar

Can client reporting become a profit center?

Learn how to transform your client reporting from a cost center into a profit center.

Duration: 1 hour

You might be wondering if you can integrate cross-selling opportunities through client reporting interactions. Revamping the client reporting process involves a deeper understanding of your clients’ needs and a better understanding could lead to opportunities to expand your relationship. Clients may consider moving more of their assets to a firm that offers better support.

This webinar explores the potential windfall from overhauling client reporting:  

  • How can you customize cross-selling suggestions into client reports?
  • How should you respond to clients that resist cross-selling suggestions?
  • Can improvements in client reporting help you keep a wavering client?
  • Can the client reporting process work in conjunction with a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that would help pinpoint sales opportunities across a firm?
  • What emerging technologies can help client reporting become a profit center?


Paul Sinthunont
Senior Analyst, Aite Group

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Sarah Prior
Senior Sales Manager and Client Communications Strategist, SimCorp Coric

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Dax Johnson, CFA, CIPM
Managing Director Performance & Analytics, State Street

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