Economic Sanctions

Sanctions webinar

SIX and SimCorp have teamed up to tackle economic sanctions worldwide, leveraging SIX Sanctions Data Service and SimCorp’s Compliance Manager.

Every investor must comply with the investment restrictions put forward by the regulatory authorities, or risk being fined or loss of reputation.

But how do you do this efficiently and automatically? And how do you make sure there are no gaps in coverage for all the authorities and countries that you invest in?

Watch this webinar hosted by SimCorp and SIX to learn the shortfalls of economic sanction compliance and how to solve the complexity with the Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service (SSMS) from SIX and SimCorp Dimension’s Compliance Manager.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How sanctions impact your business
  • How you can get access to sanctions data
  • How to automate sanctions restriction monitoring within SimCorp Dimension
  • See a live demo of Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service from SIX in SimCorp Dimension’s Compliance Manager


Joe Chimenti 

Moderator: Joe Chimenti
Head Markets, Products and Partners US, SIX

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Ronald Knecht  

Ronald Knecht 
Sanctions Solution Owner, Regulatory Center of Excellence, SimCorp

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Jeff Bellemare 

Jeff Bellemare
Senior Data Consultant, SIX

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Julia Caseres 

Julia Caseres
Presales Consultant, SimCorp

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