ESG investing

On demand webinar

Taking the lead on ESG investing through client communications

Learn how to use reporting and client communications to capture new ESG investment opportunities.

Hosted by Clear Path Analysis

Duration: 90 minutes (includes 30-minute interview with Candriam)

Consumer demand for sustainable investments is surging, and institutional investors are recognizing the significant revenue-creating opportunities of ESG (environmental, social, governance) funds.

However, a lack of standardization and increasing regulation means many firms are challenged to report their ESG processes effectively.

In this webinar you’ll find out how other asset managers have successfully integrated ESG data and reporting requirements into their organizations.

Watch this webinar to find out:  

  • What are the challenges to embedding ESG into the organization?
  • How can ESG data be integrated in the investment management process?
  • How can you bridge the gap between ESG reporting and investor expectations?
  • What’s the future of ESG reporting, and how can you ensure your reporting framework is ready?
  • How can you transform ESG data into a competitive advantage?

Stay for the end for a 30-minute interview with ESG frontrunner Candriam who will discuss emerging ESG reporting trends.

Moderator and speakers


Elie Constantine
Elie Constantine, Senior Business Consultant and ESG specialist, SimCorp 


David Candriam
David Czupryna, Head of ESG Client Portfolio Management, Candriam

Connect with David

Ruby Paramanathan
Ruby Paramanathan, Director, Client & Distribution – Wealth & Asset Management, KPMG

Connect with Ruby

Catherine Flockart
Catherine Flockhart, Director, Client Communications, Baillie Gifford

Connect with Catherine

Jenny Renton
Jenny Renton, Investment Director and Head of Client Reporting, Ruffer

Connect with Jenny

Sarah Prior
Sarah Prior, Senior Sales Manager and Client Communications Strategist, SimCorp Coric

Connect with Sarah

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