Data as a Service

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How to increase business agility through Data as a Service

Why is Data as a Service the optimal target operating model for market and reference data management?

For many buy-side firms, managing market and reference data is expensive and time-consuming. Enterprise data management (EDM) systems and outsourcing have boosted data quality and operational efficiency but have fallen short on delivering the agility needed to keep up with market, business and regulatory change.   

Now some buy-side firms are turning to Data as a Service (DaaS) to solve their data management headaches. But what’s a true DaaS offering? And how does this approach differ to other solutions available on the market?  

In this webinar, we discuss the shortfalls of traditional approaches to EDM, and why Data as a Service is the ideal target operating model for market and reference data management. 

Join the webinar to learn:

  • What’s missing from traditional data management operating models
  • How COVID-19 has exacerbated existing data management challenges
  • How DaaS differs from a managed service
  • How machine learning and artificial intelligence can be leveraged within DaaS
  • What to look for in a DaaS solution provider


Ruchir Verma
Head of Global Services,
Investment Management, Zurich Insurance Group

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Virginie O’Shea
Firebrand Research

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Josef Sommeregger
Managing Director,
SimCorp Gain

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Lew Knox
Executive Director,
Institutional Investor

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