InvestOps Virtual Summit 2020

On demand webinar

The Resilient Operating Model - People, Processes & Technology

Keynote Presentation + Q&A

In this brief webinar we discuss how to invest in the right people, processes and technology to optimize your investment operations division and succeed in turbulent markets.

Learn more about these pressing questions:

  • How have existing challenges intensified in the new operating environment and what lessons have we learned?
  • How can you build resilience, mitigate risk and optimize value in times of a crisis?
  • How can you transform your operating model from fragmented to consolidated with lower costs, better returns and higher customer satisfaction?
  • Technology: What innovations are transforming investment operations and how can you best integrate these within your firm?
  • People: How is the new technology driven environment impacting the skillsets of your operational teams?
  • Processes: What strategies can you adopt to successfully align these critical factors within your operating environment to deliver greater value and better client experience?



Lauran Allen
Content Director
InvestOps Virtual


Jenny Ravenscroft
Head of Product Solutions
SimCorp North America

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