Total Portfolio Approach


Revisiting Total Portfolio Approach: Position your organization for uncertain times

Our new reality is pushing the boundaries of current operational capabilities. The Total Portfolio Approach (TPA) proposes a framework with a single, centralized approach to data and all asset classes that can offer economies of scale and potential return benefits.

Duration: 1 hour

With difficult market conditions set to dominate financial markets for months to come, the ability for institutional investors to react to market changes while achieving optimal risk-adjusted returns is paramount. But risks are rarely independent, and TPA measures how each risk contributes to the whole, enabling maintenance of both the component and overall risk-return profiles of the total portfolio overtime.

There is evidence that a well-executed TPA can provide a return benefit of 50 to 100 basis points per annum over a traditional, SAA-based approach.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • The shift away from traditional, Strategic Asset Allocation to TPA
  • The impact of TPA on capital allocation, internal culture and governance
  • The biggest challenges of implementing this approach
  • What asset owners need to do to effectively execute TPA
  • A panel discussion with senior market participants who have already embraced the TPA journey and lessons learned



Kristian Fok
Chief Investment Officer, Cbus Super Fund

Sue Braker

Sue Braker
Deputy Chief Investment Officer, Future Fund

David Chua

David Chua
Head of Investment Strategy, Prudential Assurance Company Singapore

Tim Unger

Tim Unger
Senior Investment Consultant, Willis Towers Watson

Marc Schroter

Marc Schröter
Senior Vice President, Global Product Management, SimCorp

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