Digital Client Communications

How to boost alpha through digital client engagement

Investment managers are facing increasing demand from their clients for real-time reporting, as well as more frequent and granular communications. Proactive engagement with clients is a necessity that requires the right set-up and tools.

Digital client portals are much more than online data repositories – they’re enhanced client experience enablers. Personalization, customization, and analytics are pivotal attributes of digital cloud technology potential that can help to improve client experience, satisfaction, and support revenue growth. It’s time to understand how enhanced client communication is critical to your success.

In this short video, hear about:

  • The challenges facing investment managers
  • The impact of inadequate client communications
  • Why embracing technology is key to providing a more compelling client experience
  • How to measure success and interpret digital client engagement

Duration: 10 minutes



Sarah Prior

Sarah Prior
Global Client Communications Strategist, SimCorp

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