DaaS and the Digital Agenda

How can Data as a Service enable buy-side firms’ digital agendas?

Is your market and reference data management strategy optimized to drive business agility and support your firm’s wider digital agenda?

Duration: 60 minutes

For many buy-side firms, data management continues to be an expensive and time-consuming burden that isn’t market-differentiating and fails to deliver the agility needed to drive business outcomes.   

In this webinar, our panel of experts discuss the shortfalls of existing approaches to market and reference data management, the impact and opportunity cost of not future proofing your data management model, and how Data as a Service can support a wider digital agenda.

Watch the webinar for the latest insights on:

  • What functions are buy-side firms prioritizing in their digital transformation strategies, and where does Data as a Service fit in?
  • What’s the impact and opportunity cost of settling with an outdated data management model?
  • Does adopting a managed data service mean you lose control of your data?
  • How can adopting the right data strategy empower data talent to focus on business outcomes?
  • What are the tangible benefits of Data as a Service, as reported by your peers?



Ruchir Verma, Head of Global Services, Investment Management, Zurich Insurance Group

David Quah, Managing Director, External Asset Management, Heungkong Financial Group

Melecio Jr Valerio, Head of Enterprise Data Management, Fwd Insurance

Guillaume Rondy, Head of Data Management, APAC, SimCorp

Ammar A. Ali, Senior Manager, Asset & Wealth Management Consulting, APAC, Alpha FMC

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