Driving Alpha with SimCorp Datacare

A New Approach to Market and Reference Data Management

Fast access to reliable market and reference data is critical to each stage of the investment lifecycle. Without it, everything stops. Learn why taking a holistic approach to your data management strategy is key to driving alpha and to ensuring your firm’s long-term success.

Now more than ever, agile operating models are key to success. This means having fast access to clean and accurate market and reference data that is ready to power your business and decision-making processes. Equally important is the agility needed to respond to change and seize new opportunities.

The problem is that most data management models are not optimized to deliver this agility and ensure your firm’s long-term success. In this 10-minute video, we explain why a new, more holistic approach to data management is needed.

Watch the video to learn:

  • Why a paradigm shift in data management is needed
  • What it means to have end-to-end ownership of your data supply chain
  • The three key pillars of a complete data management service
  • The importance of data advisory support to fill knowledge gaps and better support front office demands

Duration: 10 minutes



Michelle Leung bw 

Michelle Leung
Head of APAC Operational Services, SimCorp

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Guillaume Rondy
Head of APAC Data Management, SimCorp

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Read the report, Rethinking Data Management, to learn how we’re helping the world’s leading institutional investors get access to fast and accurate market and reference data.

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