Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors are not only changing the investment process but are spurring asset managers to improve the overall client experience. The challenges of integrating ESG data and analysis into client communication has underscored the need for firms to rethink their client reporting and digital communications, and to improve the client experience in the process. 

Getting this wrong could cause clients to look elsewhere, could damage a firm’s reputation, and could lead to shrinking AUMs. In fact, financial services firms are under pressure to anticipate their clients’ ESG needs and formulate client experience strategies that are more proactive than reactive. The good news is getting this right means unpacking some of the complexities of ESG data sourcing consistency. 

This FTF webinar will provide a practical guide to help firms create an optimal client journey that will become a competitive advantage. 

Watch the webinar to get insights on:

  • What are the signs that a firm needs to improve its client experience? To what extent is ESG a driver in this? 
  • What are some of the ESG pitfalls in client communication that firms need to avoid? What is so different about ESG data that makes it so difficult? 
  • Why are firms looking at digital communications to address their ESG reporting needs? What technologies are essential for digital interactions? 
  • What are the first steps that a firm can take to create a more proactive client experience? 
  • What are some of the metrics to look out for to measure improved client experience? 

Speakers and moderator

Laura Thaxter
Managing Director, Global Head of Client Service

Gert Raeves
Founder & Lead Research Director
Adox Research 

Sarah Prior
Go-To-Market Strategy Principal


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