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Client Communications and Reporting

How to use communication to win and retain clients

Communication and reporting have become critical parts of the client relationship. This webinar explains what’s changed and how you can not only meet, but exceed client expectations.

Client communications is a key part of the client experience. It can set you apart from the competition and help you win new clients (and keep current ones happy). 

Listen to this 45-minute webinar to find out what’s new in client communications, and how to meet rapidly evolving expectations. Tom Secaur, Citisoft’s Chief Operating Officer with 20+ years in the investment industry, gives invaluable advice on solving communication gaps in your company and choosing the right vendor for the job.   

This is what you will hear about:

  • Future-proofing your organization and gaining competitive advantage 
  • How choose the right client communication and reporting vendor
  • Emerging trends in client communication and reporting


Tom Secaur

Tom Secaur
Global Chief Operating Officer of Citisoft, Inc.

Tom is the Global Chief Operating Officer of Citisoft, Inc. and a co-founder of The Rowan Group, which merged with Citisoft in 2002. Tom has been instrumental in the rapid growth of Citisoft’s investment management consulting brand over the past decade, and has responsibility for several corporate functions including business development, operations, client relationship management and practice development. During his tenure with Citisoft, Tom has managed a number of operations and technology transformations ranging from strategic initiatives to evaluation/selection projects and implementation programs. Tom has amassed extremely deep knowledge of front, middle, and back office processing, with a particular focus on investment accounting, client reporting, data management, middle office outsourcing, and performance measurement.

Tomas Edwards

Tomas Edwards
Senior Product Marketing Manager, SimCorp

Tomas Edwards has worked around the world in the financial services industry for 18 years. During this time, he has performed various roles in Wealth Management, Asset Management and Investment Banking before moving to financial technology in 2014. He joined SimCorp in 2016 and is currently responsible for the global product marketing of our Data Management and Reporting solutions. He holds an M.S.c. from the University of Liverpool and is an advocate of new and game-changing technology.

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