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How to scale your alternative investments business

How to scale your alternative investments business

Ditch the spreadsheets and discover the only integrated front-to-back alternative investments solution for limited partners.

PwC analysts say alternative asset classes could reach USD 15 trillion AUM by 2020. This ultra-attractive asset class offers enormous growth potential, but also presents plenty of operational challenges and risk.

We’re excited to launch a new solution - Alternative Investments Manager. Now SimCorp Dimension is the only integrated front-to-back investment management system that can handle all asset classes, including alternatives. During this webinar, we’ll show you how it works and introduce our development partner PenSam, who will talk about their experiences and future plans with alternative asset classes.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Ways to cut the operational risk and complexity of managing alternatives
  • How to scale your alternatives business in the next 5-10 years
  • PenSam’s experiences as a development partner and their expectations for the system

About the speakers

Thomas Anker 

Thomas Anker
Application Manager, PenSam

Thomas Anker has worked with portfolio management for 10 years. Currently, as an Application Manager he provides buy-side support for development, testing and implementation and project management within SimCorp Dimension.

Previously he worked for Nordea as a Support Specialist, and held numerous IT system support roles at Nykredit, where he joined the SimCorp Dimension implementation project, primarily responsible for managing configuration, testing and implementation, and training employees in the use of SimCorp Dimension for handling financial instruments and derivatives.

Hugues Chabanis 

Hugues Chabanis
Product Manager for Alternative Investments, SimCorp

Hugues has strong experience in the Alternative Assets software industry, from the buy-side to the vendor side, evolving in various job positions including consulting, sales, and product management. He joined SimCorp in 2015 to support our offering within the alternative asset class and help shape our roadmap.

About PenSam

PenSam is a labour market pension fund. We manage occupational pension schemes for people within eldercare, cleaning, technical service and pedagogical care in Danish municipalities, regions and private companies. In PenSam we also offer favorable insurance and loans to our customers

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