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New! Solution for Solvency II capital requirements

Take control of Solvency Capital Requirements

Find out how Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) will impact your firm and what you can do to prepare.

Since its introduction, Solvency II has pressed firms to carry out more in-depth analysis of investment outcomes on their Solvency Capital Requirement.

Our new Strategy Manager solution addresses this challenge with ‘what-if’ functionality, enabling users to simulate different strategies and actively manage Solvency Capital Requirements.

In this 45-min. webinar product expert Else Braathen demonstrates the new solution and our client UNIQA explains how they’ve been using it to forecast future Solvency II capital requirements.

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  • The impact of Solvency II on insurers and asset managers
  • Our new Strategy Manager solution for forecasting capital requirements
  • UNIQA’s impressions as a key development partner  

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About the speakers

Roman Wanek 

Roman Wanek
Expert Financial Risk Management, UNIQA

Roman joined the UNIQA Insurance Group AG in 2012. Since then he has worked in both operational risk management and financial risk management. Currently he is responsible for Solvency II calculations and the internal implementation of SimCorp’s Strategy Manager.

Roman studied mathematics at the Vienna University of Technology and Quantitative Asset and Risk Management at the University of Applied Sciences BFI Vienna.

Else Braahten 

Else Braathen
Product Manager for Risk Management, SimCorp

Else, MSc. in Math and Economics, has worked with risk management in investment banks in London, Copenhagen, and Stockholm for 13 years. She joined SimCorp’s Product Management in 2006, where she is helping to shape the risk solutions today used by a many of SimCorp’s clients.


The UNIQA Group is one of the leading insurance groups in its core markets of Austria and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). We have approximately 40 companies in 18 countries and serve about 9.6 million customers. With UNIQA and Raiffeisen Versicherung, we have the two strongest insurance brands in Austria and are well positioned in the CEE Markets.  
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