The Fannie Mae
Success Story

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System Modernization and Consolidation: The Fannie Mae Success Story

The pace of change in financial services continues to accelerate as firms respond to an increasingly complex marketplace.

Evolving FASB Standards related to hedging and derivatives transactions as well as the introduction of CECL and SOFR are driving significant changes into firms' aging operating platforms.

More than ever before, a firm's ability to respond efficiently to these types of disruptions translates directly to the bottom-line. Having the right technology strategy is key to unlocking business value and enabling success in today's dynamic environment.

Watch this webinar to hear Fannie Mae, EY and SimCorp discuss:

  • Market changes impacting the technology landscape
  • Fannie Mae’s success story of system modernization and consolidation
  • Partnerships and technology options to support you with these changes


Jason Birmingham

Jason Birmingham
Head of Capital Markets and Finance Technology at Fannie Mae

Lisa M Widdowson

Lisa Widdowson
Partner, EY

Jenny Ravenscroft

Jenny Ravenscroft
Head of Product Solutions, SimCorp North America


Terry Flynn
Front Office Specialist, SimCorp North America

Meg Waters
Editor-in-Chief, Treasury & Risk

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