Vendor Consolidation


Vendor Consolidation

Multi-asset, Multi-business Class Solutions for the Front-to-Back Office

Multi-asset, Multi-business Class Solutions for the Front-to-Back Office

Vendor acquisitions in the past 24 months have created a massive shift in the financial services industry. If you have been impacted by a technology acquisition, are you satisfied with current levels of service quality, time-to-market for new assets/markets, and your current vendor’s investment in innovation?

Watch this 45 minute webinar recording now to hear more about the options available to you today and the benefits of:

Check mark icon A single, integrated platform for all front-to-back office needs

Check mark icon Cross-asset support for 50+ asset classes for all parts of the investment life cycle

Check mark icon Ability to support multiple lines of business – retail, institutional and funds – on one platform

Check mark icon Full multi-currency platform in one instance

Check mark icon Modern, industry standard technology for optimal output, performance and usability

Check mark icon State-of-the art ETL and reporting tools


Jenny Ravnescroft

SimCorp Product Manager

Jenny is a Product Manager for SimCorp North America, where she is part of the team responsible for driving innovation for SimCorp’s solutions. With over 15 years of experience at SimCorp, Jenny is an expert in automation for front-to-back office processes and is well versed in the fixed income and derivatives space. Her experience with both the development and business side of the industry has forged a deep-rooted knowledge of SimCorp Dimension. Before joining SimCorp, Jenny worked as an interest rate quantitative analyst at Nordea Markets, publishing trading strategies and developing tools for traders.

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