Alternative investments

Overcome the operational complexities of managing alternative investments

Several years ago, we asked what asset classes our clients were growing into, and overwhelmingly, firms like yours said alternatives. Now analysts estimate alternative asset classes could reach USD 14 trillion AUM by 2023.

Over 60% of buy-side ops leaders named alternative investments as the most costly and challenging asset classes to manage. Why is this?

As you know investing in alternatives comes with new challenges. You may be using unique systems, specialized for each asset class. Or perhaps you’re managing them in Excel spreadsheets. We don’t have to tell you that the more alternative asset classes you add to your portfolio, the greater need to integrate with risk, compliance, accounting, and settlement.

Manage alternatives in one integrated system

Alternative Investments Manager is the solution for institutional investors who want simplified IT architectures. It’s available as part of the only integrated front-to-back investment management system - SimCorp Dimension. This means you can consolidate and automate your alternative investments across the entire lifecycle, just like traditional asset classes, all within one integrated system. There’s no need to handle alternative investments in a separate application.

How integrated alternatives coverage helps your business

  • Get a full picture of your exposure to sectors, currencies, across all assets
  • Cut costs on different interfaces, data warehousing
  • Consolidate risk and performance
  • Speed up the flow of information
  • Eliminate manual workarounds like spreadsheet reconciling
How to reduce the cost and complexity of managing alternatives

Are alternative asset classes throwing a wrench in your operations? Find out why these attractive investments are harder to manage, and how you can overcome the obstacles.

Top 3 reasons to use SimCorp Dimension for managing alternatives:


John Peterson

Want to discuss your alternative investment strategy?

Schedule a meeting with John Peterson, Alternatives Sales Specialist Principal, to discuss your alternative investments strategy.

John has over 16 years of alternative investment industry experience serving in leadership roles on both the buy-side and vendor side, including the co-founding of a fund administration firm and for the past 10 years selling software solutions to support the growth and management of multi-asset class investment portfolios.

He joined SimCorp this year to support our offering within the alternative asset class and to help our clients leverage the benefits of our Alternative Investment offering within SimCorp Dimension.

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