Simplify your investment management systems through consolidation

Enabling the asset manager of the future"

System consolidation could be highly valuable to your business. Watch the video to see what consolidation looks like and how it can help you get fit for the future.

The investment management industry today is challenged with low yields, a high degree of reporting demands and manual workarounds.

Removing inefficiencies isn’t a choice but a necessity. Yet many investment managers still operate in a patchwork of single-purpose IT systems that aren’t connected, where data doesn’t flow freely and isn’t available in real time.

This patchwork of systems leads to:

  • Increased time-to-market for new products
  • Difficulty supporting regulatory changes
  • Inability to record events in transaction life-cycle or support entire book of business
  • Higher data reconciliation errors and inconsistencies
  • Poor or inaccurate overview of exposure and positions
  • Increased manual labor costs                

At SimCorp, we believe that your IT infrastructure should give you agility, efficiency and control. With SimCorp Dimension, you can consolidate your investment management IT systems and ensure you achieve your growth ambitions – no matter where your business moves.

Consolidating your investment management systems means you can gain:

Get intra-day data and a holistic view of exposure and positions

Enable better decision-making through a single source of truth

Gain more flexibility in your operating model to adapt to market changes

Reduce manual workarounds and increase process efficiency

SimCorp Dimension offers you all these benefits and more. So, by simplifying your investment management systems, you can make your business fit for the future.

The game has changed and a new era of investment management has emerged. To compete effectively, firms need to be more efficient than ever.
Klaus Holse, CEO, SimCorp

See how our clients have benefitted from system consolidation

More than 190 clients are already enjoying the benefits of consolidating their investment management systems’ architecture with SimCorp Dimension®

85% trade processing automation from none
62% asset increase with flat IT costs
50% increase in transactions without adding new staff
We have achieved a much simpler systems architecture, having retired and decommissioned several internal applications as well as several serviced solutions.
Kjell Johan Nordgard, Global Head of Systems and Data, Norges Bank Investment Management, Journal

System consolidation isn’t achieved overnight

With SimCorp Dimension, you can consolidate your investment management system gradually to minimize risk. Our software is built in modules so you can start the journey in your front, middle or back office, and with only a few functions.

SimCorp Dimension’s software modules naturally operate with your existing single-purpose systems, but offer the potential for full integration. So, depending on your business goals and operational needs, you can start where you want, proceed as you need, and at a pace that suits you.

Why move from complex system architectures to consolidated platforms?

Industry experts from Accenture provide their view on the recent trend towards consolidation of investment management IT systems, and what it takes for businesses to make a successful transition from many systems to a more consolidated IT system.

How consolidation and a strong front office supports globalization and operational efficiency

Hear from MEAG, a major asset management force in the European financial sector, about the operational efficiencies of consolidation and an integrated front office.

Marc Schröter talks about system consolidation

Marc Schröter is Head of Global Product Management at SimCorp and shares his views on system consolidation.

Current market trends driving complexity and increasing the need for system consolidation



Our system consists of modular solutions for front, middle and back office.


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