Integrated Data Management

Get more value from your data

Consumption and usage of data is expanding, creating a new set of challenges for your organization. But data is also an asset which can create new opportunities for your business. Learn how a strong data management strategy can help you make the most of your data.

Many of today’s realities - emerging asset classes, endless regulations and increasing data volumes - are placing unprecedented pressure on your organization.

Industry challenges
Industry challenges

Within these challenges there are also limitless opportunities using the data that you already have. Today we can capture and harness data in ways previously only imagined. With dedicated and purpose-built technology, you can collect, store, analyze and re-purpose data to capture its potential value.

Inspire trust and confidence in your data

An integrated system gives you the ability to create accurate, consistent, and transparent data that flows across your organization.

SimCorp Gain SimCorp Dimension SimCorp Coric
SimCorp Dimension SimCorp Gain SimCorp Coric

How integrated data management helps your business

  • Deliver one version of the truth from the front to back office
  • Provide clean and accurate data for reporting and analysis
  • Automate and enrich your client communication and reporting
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

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