Data Management

How to turn your data into an asset

Generate more value from your data

Consumption and usage of data is expanding, creating a new set of problems for your organization to tackle. Organize your data and make it work for you.

Many of today’s challenges - emerging asset classes, complex investment strategies, more regulations and increasing data volumes - are placing unprecedented pressure on your organization. The data that is both used and generated by the organization needs appropriate management.

There are costs associated with data management and therefore decisions need to be made over its storage and control. As technological advancements make collection and analysis possible, issues of transparency and accuracy emerge.

Today, we can capture and harness data in ways previously only imagined. Data can be the beating heart of your organization’s strategy, enabling you to compete in today’s fast-paced, and ever-changing environment.

With dedicated and purpose-built technology, you can collect, store, analyze and re-purpose data to capture its potential value.

An end-to-end data management service

We’ve been helping our clients manage data for decades. Our award-winning IBOR delivers best-in-class functionality around the world. When used in conjunction, our Managed Data Services, IBOR, and Data Warehouse help you reduce cost, increase efficiency and ensure that data is integrated and accessible across your organization.


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The three key elements of SimCorp Data Management

Three key elemnets of SimCorp data Management

SimCorp Data MAangement

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Data Warehouse Manager

To help you consolidate data from disparate sources, Data Warehouse Manager ensures that extracted data can be pulled together in a standardized, usable format, enabling you to conduct timely, highly automated, and accurate reporting.