Reach your growth goals through system consolidation in the front office

Growing assets under management while reducing operational complexity is the only way to compete effectively in these challenging times.

Portfolio managers and traders in today’s environment are feeling the pressure when it comes to growing assets and achieving best execution. Increasing fees, and more structured/illiquid products have added to the strain. As a result, valuations and ‘like for like’ analytics are not as straightforward. Operational complexities such as data reconciliation, accuracy and latency issues, increased M&A activity and the quest for geographical expansion, all contribute to a firm’s risk. 

Simplifying your technology infrastructure is therefore paramount. You need to be able to quickly onboard new clients and new instruments, while continuously adjusting to global regulatory requirements, without adding operational costs. There is an undeniable competitive advantage in being able to act with agility, enabling, for example:

  • Superior investment decisions and portfolio construction analysis
  • Immediate knowledge of a trade that is in breach of policy
  • Real-time access to exactly what is available to invest
  • Single platform support for your LDI or tax sensitive strategies

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Front office achievements by our clients:

SimCorp Front Office

An integrated front office approach

SimCorp Dimension’s front office offers a full cross-asset view of risk and exposure including fund look-through and full position and cash analytics, via a single, centralized data source. Our position keeping includes all investment level attributes required for proper analysis. We offer a truly consolidated platform across every asset management function, allowing for the highest degree of innovation possible.

Your front office needs a high degree of confidence that the output produced incorporates all changes and updates, right down to investment level attributes. It must be a true representation of the full picture a given portfolio manager is responsible for, giving you ultimate control over where you stand vs.your portfolio mandates.

SimCorp’s solution empowers your front office to make the best investment decisions possible, offering:

  • A single view into your investment/trading book and exposures
  • Details on non-trade events impacting decisions
  • Real-time access to cash,position and market information/alerts, pre- and post-trade

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Hear from some of our clients using our front office solution

SimCorp Standard Platforms™ for the front office

Learn how our new “out of the box” solutions can help you find efficiency gains and improve profitability.

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Growth drives need for integrated front office solution at KBC Asset Management


Klaus Vandewalle, COO, shares his story on why growth and increasing complexity made Brussels-based KBC Asset Management look for an integrated front office solution.


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Strategic partnerships to strengthen your front office


SimCorp-TS Alliance: The best of both worlds in one system

SimCorp and TradingScreen (TS) have combined their expertise in Order Management Systems (OMS) and Execution Management Systems (EMS) to provide complete cross- asset coverage.

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