Front Office Asset Management Solutions

Enable better decision making and operational efficiences

Optimize your front office asset management system

For you as an investment manager, it is paramount to ensure return on investment. To stay competitive, you might have implemented severe cost cuttings and efficiency improvements. Now, it’s time to re-focus your efforts on growth. To support your investment decision-making, SimCorp’s integrated and automated front office gives you better overview and information.

Many front office decision makers are struggling to meet increasing and new demands. Although globalization is a fact, many don’t feel confident that their systems can support them adequately when entering new markets to pursue growth. And whereas everybody agrees that data management is crucial, many are striving to get turn data into business intelligence. Also, difficulties in running pre-compliance checks keep many from successfully realizing their investment strategies.

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Integrated solutions for your front office

Not all front office investment management systems are the same. Our front office solutions work
together to give you the broadest asset class coverage and the highest degree of automated workflows. 

Future-proof your front office

SimCorp’s integrated front office solution gives you the scalability, flexibility, and wide coverage you need to excel in a complex investment landscape. With unparalleled automation capabilities and cross-enterprise data integration, you will be equipped in the best possible way to pursue your growth aspirations.

Core benefits of having your front office operations fully integrated in SimCorp Dimension:

  • Fully automated
  • Intraday positions
  • Portfolio overview
  • Support for all assets
  • Built-in IBOR
  • Seamless scaling

SimCorp’s integrated solutions play together to help you grow. From front to back, our product portfolio helps you realize your growth potential, improve your investment performance, and increase your operational agility.


Learn more about SimCorp's Front Office solution – explore by product

Hear about the benefits of an integrated front office solution from Länsforsäkringar, a leading Swedish insurer.

Many front office insights gathered in one e-book

Read our collection of assets to inspire new thinking around your front office. Articles, reports, blog posts, client stories, all gathered in one easy-to-digest document.

The front office suite of SimCorp Dimension will not only advance our capabilities within the front office, it will also allow for better integration, straight-through processing and automation with the rest of the system
Claudio-Peter Prutz, Head of IT and Organizational Development, MEAG

Find out if your front office is ready for growth

To help you determine if your front office is ready to successfully tackle the challenges, you can access a number of resources below, which from different angles demonstrate the requirements on your front office to succeed in an increasingly complex world.

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SimCorp-TS Alliance: Bridging the OMS and EMS gap

SimCorp and TS have combined their respective expertise and products, in OMS and EMS to provide a complete trading WMS (workflow management solution) with cross-asset coverage. Find out what it means for your front office.

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