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Our integrated portfolio of investment management software ensures IT readiness

The world changes every day. Can you?

With traditional revenue sources becoming less profitable, your investment management system needs to be agile enough to handle new assets, products and markets.

Treating operating models and IT infrastructure as an afterthought, rather than a critical element of your growth strategy, results in inefficiencies.

With margins eroding and uncertainty mounting, there is no easy solution to overcoming barriers or realizing your growth objectives. With SimCorp Dimension®, you’ll have the best possible tools for tracking, predicting and realizing growth.

At present, most firms operate on platforms that have evolved over time, in a relatively haphazard manner. They’re not optimized or appropriate for the challenges they face. Undertaking this, in an uncertain short-term climate, with the continuing disruption of demands from regulators, is by no means simple.Steve Young, Principal, Citisoft


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Are you prepared to compete for future profits?

Our latest survey of investment managers worldwide shows product and service innovation are considered key to unlocking long-term growth and that forward-thinking firms have already begun taking the necessary steps to compete for the future.

Don’t just cope with hurdles. Overcome them.

Growth aspirations can be hampered by many factors, disrupting your ambitions and impacting your profitability.

Understanding and overcoming these barriers is as important as applying the right investment strategy. With escalating reporting demands, data sources and fee pressure, a streamlined IT infrastructure is not just an advantage; it’s an absolute must.

Our data and reporting components take streamlining to a new level. With complete data integration and the best available straight-through processing, your IT infrastructure will be more than streamlined; it will be integrated.

Overcome the barriers to growth