External and internal factors can affect even your greatest ambitions. Knowing what is holding you back is as important as setting the strategic direction.

Optimism for the future is best paired with caution in the present

The global financial crisis reminded the world of what happens when indiscretion supersedes wisdom, and nowadays, even a move that seems wise can, in fact, put your firm in the crosshairs. It pays to shake the hand of change, instead of wrestling with it.


Rigid IT hampers compliance

With many firms relying on costly and risky manual workarounds for compliance, is it time for asset managers worldwide to re-assess whether they have what it takes to trade in a market that demands optimum efficiency?

Pressure on fees

Lower fee demands new strategies and assets

Clients are demanding much more value and accountability from their investment advisors. This, combined the rise of passives, puts pressure on fees. Should you be focusing on other areas in order to make expansion worthwhile?

Data Quality

The right data at the right time

Companies may struggle to capture data, or their infrastructure may not facilitate real-time position data. But how big a problem is this in actuality?

Manual anything

Manual processes and time to market

Manual processes impede growth in any field. Automation is the surest way to minimize the risk of human error and optimize time. How worthwhile a financial decision is it?

Data management

Data management needs to keep pace with business development

Investment data can be both an enabler and inhibitor to growth. Regardless of what your growth strategy is, you need to have a solid data foundation to succeed. What does that entail?

Benefits of a fully integrated trading architecture

Inhibitor Graph

Executive Guide
8 essentials for growth

Product and service innovation is seen by many, if not most, investment executives as key to long-term competitiveness and growth. This guide provides you with insights on how to optimize your investment management platform to enable innovation and realize growth.