The best investment managers explore growth along more than one path. So, where do you go?

Variation should always benefit you

When it comes to generating alpha, what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. In fact, it’s almost certain not to. Success in the future will be determined by a willingness to pursue new opportunities that reach beyond the usual path. Where will you go?

Mergers and acquisitions

Following M&A, comes consolidation

M&A has always been a quick way to bolster your AUM and revenue, but you’ll need to control the additional complexity created within your business.. And, of course, there remains the biggest question: is M&A a viable path going forward?

New geographies

Entry into new geographic markets

The aggregated wealth in the emerging markets is predicted to rise more than any other economic regions in the world. The challenge, as always, lies in the balancing of risk with reward, but how can that challenge be further simplified in a complex era?

New products

Introduction of new products and asset classes

Alternatives and passives are already driving much of the AUM growth seen today. Despite their name, “alternative” assets are acquiring a mainstream reputation. Will your ability to manage a multi-asset strategy soon be the sole gauge by which customers judge you?

Client service

Provision of superior service

The demand for transparency and tailored solutions is felt throughout the market today. Meeting these demands head-on is crucial for a firm’s long-term viability- How certain can you be of your customer’s satisfaction if you can’t be certain of matching their expectations?

Operational efficiency

Automation across all activities

When pursuing growth over the next decade, the challenge is getting to the point where your company’s operations are fully unified, and the reward is a longer client list, resulting in increased profits. What does it take to get there?

What actions are your firm taking as result of the opportunities you are meeting in the market?

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Pursuing growth in uncertain times

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