Rethinking the operating model for 2023

For the second year in a row, we teamed up with WBR Insights to survey 200 Directors of Investment Operations and similar across North America, EMEA and APAC to learn how they’re optimizing front-to-back, cross-asset operations, and leveraging technological innovations to build a future-proof investment operations strategy. 

These are some of the questions we asked these executives, read their answers in the full report:

  • What are the top three strategic priorities for 2023 that are guiding your investment in technology and services? 
  • What are the top three key market drivers impacting your investment strategy?
  • What is preventing you from reaching your growth ambitions?
  • In which areas of the business do you see the greatest opportunity for technological innovation in the next few years?



Chris Taylor

COO, CG Asset Management

 Connect with Chris

Tim Kelly

Director of Operations, Driehaus

 Connect with Tim

April Wilcox

Director of Investment Services, CalSTRS

 Connect with April

Krzysztof Wierzchowski

Vice President Security Services, Franklin Templeton

 Connect with Krzysztof

Marc Schröter

Chief Product Officer, SimCorp

 Connect with Marc

Guillaume Rondy

VP Data & Communications, SimCorp

 Connect with Guillaume

Hugues Chabanis

VP Innovation, SimCorp

 Connect with Hugues

Jaki Walsh

VP Operations & Accounting, SimCorp

 Connect with Jacki

Zoe Sheehan

Zoe Sheehan

VP of Investments, SimCorp

 Connect with Zoe

Anders Kirkeby

VP Open Innovation, SimCorp

 Connect with Anders

Jochen Mueller

Executive VP and Managing Director, Operations and Accounting Services, SimCorp

 Connect with Jochen

Carl Balslev Clausen

ESG Product Manager, Director, SimCorp

 Connect with Carl

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