Cashflow forecasting

Private equity fund cashflow forecasts: A pragmatic approach

Should you adopt a simpler, pragmatic approach to private equity cashflow forecasting? Learn the pros and cons in this white paper.

Running cashflow models for limited company private equity funds is critical if you want to successfully model liquidity risk.

Yet the traditional modelling approaches seem so complex and ill-defined that you may wonder whether the exercise is worthwhile.

Is there a simpler approach that allows you to make sense of this complex, challenging, yet increasingly popular, corner of the investment world?

Get this white paper to learn about:

        •  Cashflow modelling as a strategic asset to improve investment decision-making
        •  The pros and cons of today’s tools: deterministic, stochastic models; cashflow libraries
        •  New modern techniques, such as AI or better data collection
        •  The issues with relegating cashflow modelling to a back-office function
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