Fixed Income 2018

Goals and Challenges for the Front Office

#1 Fixed Income Priority: Reducing Operational Cost and Improving Profitability

100 front office leaders in fixed income share insights on their strategic priorities, challenges and initiatives for 2018

SimCorp commissioned WBR Insights to survey fixed income executives across the North American buy side. Among those surveyed were traders, portfolio managers, chief investment officers and heads of desk.

The resulting report unveils underlying challenges and issues that are a drag on the fixed income desk’s #1 priority of reducing operational costs and improving profitability. Among the challenges uncovered are the unintentional consequences of a best-of-of breed system landscape and legacy technology.

In this report, you’ll discover how a fragmented system landscape impedes the fixed income desk including:

  • Understanding and complying with firm-wide business rules and portfolio-specific limits, counterparty exposure and other important risk indications
  • Securing timely and accurate start of day/intra-day positions and cash projections
  • Measuring investment performance relative to blended benchmarks/indices
  • Trading certain asset classes such as Muni, MBS, CMBS, ABS, etc.
SimCorp Fixed income report 2018 
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