Balancing outsourcing and in-house innovation during periods of market volatility

Learn why an agile and open platform is key to the futureproofing of investment operations

Macroeconomic drivers, inflation considerations, shrinking margins and a distributed workforce have revitalized how we discuss the role of people, processes and technology. What strategies are investment management leaders employing to build resiliency and future-proof operations? 

Read this report for expert insights from Pzena, Ninety One and SimCorp on how technology innovation and technology-enabled business services, are key to enhancing operational resilience and building a future-poof operating model.  

Get expert perspectives on:  

  • How to determine which parts of the business should be kept in house, and which are best outsourced to specialist providers 
  • The technology solutions that have helped mitigate operational risks and maintain efficient workflows 
  • How to fast-track innovation by leveraging an open ecosystem of pre-integrated fintech options 


Sara Benwell, Editor, Fund Operator 

Evan Fire, Chief Operating Officer, Pzena Investment Management 

Khadeeja Bassier, Chief Operating Officer, Ninety One 

Ross LeBlanc, Product Manager for Innovation, SimCorp

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