Overcoming the challenges of entering new markets

White Paper

How your IT system supports your global operating model

When expanding globally, do you establish partnerships, make an acquisition, set up a local branch, or run things from HQ? Learn more about these four possible operating models for global expansion and find the one best suited to your specific needs.

This white paper investigates the various models for investment firms expanding into new markets and the many challenges that must be overcome. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to globalization - what may work for one firm, may not work for another. This paper takes a holistic approach to globalization and offers some insight to firms in the process of developing a global operating model or firms wanting to improve upon their current model.

Read the paper to learn how your operating model needs to support:Image of PDF

Check mark icon Regulatory compliance

Check mark icon Access and control of data

Check mark icon Integration of different IT systems

Check mark icon 24/7 operations

Check mark icon A lack of local expertise

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