The Role of Technology in Alpha Generation

Alpha Generation & Technology Report

Learn what leading investment experts say about technology’s role in alpha generation.

In the financial services industry, the quantity and complexity of data is greater than ever. Investment firms constantly run the risk of making inaccurate cash projections or trade errors due to disparate, disjointed data. On top of that, senior level professionals can spend an hour or more a day on error resolution.

In this report, leading experts explore how technology presents opportunities to streamline operations and improve returns.

Download this report to get answers to these questions and more:

  • Can technology and operational efficiency increase returns and generate alpha in a portfolio?
  • Where you do see breakdowns in the pre-trade compliance process? What are the impacts?
  • Does your firm experience trade errors caused by erroneous positions or cash?
  • How do you deal with the risk of trading on bad data?


 Katina Stefanova 
Katina Stefanova, Chief Investment Officer, Marto Capital
 Marc Mallett 
Marc Mallett, VP Product Management, SimCorp
 Patrick Green 
Patrick Green, Principal, InvestTech Systems Consulting
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